RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Dante Scarlet

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PostSubject: Dante Scarlet   Dante Scarlet Icon_minitimeTue Jan 07, 2014 10:04 pm

Character Info

Name: Dante Scarlet

Gender: Male

Race: Faunus

Age: 21

Personality: Dante is rather cocky and arrogant, he overestimates his own ability, but often not by much. He has a confidence in himself that only is outmatched by his weakness for when anybody mentions his family. He becomes melancholy, driven by negative emotions, losing much of his usual jaunty demeanor. This often leads to a clouding of his judgement, and by extent, his fighting skills. He is fueled by his resentment for humans, and his hate can boil over, leaving a rage-driven monster in it's wake. In normal terms, he shows that he has an almost non-existent understanding of fear, and often taunts his opponents in witty, satiracle manner.

Appearance: Dante Stands at six foot four, and has a very slender-built body. His eyes are a deep scarlet red color, as well is the natural color of his ears and tail. He has a very obvious mix of both of his parent's appearances. His face is slender around the sides, with a less pronounced jaw and a more shallow chin, but with hard, masculine eyes. His hair is two tones on either side, the right side being a bright scarlet red, and the left half being a dark black color. The middle of these two colors is messily spiked to either side, making the two colors appear to merge. He wears the red side long in the bangs, and on top, while it fades out in the back, as does the black side. On the red side, two long, thick spikes curve up and towards the back on the top of his head, one pointing more drastically up than the second one, which is more towards the center. On the Black side, the hair grows out more to the side, being longer on the sides than it is on the red side. On this black side, his hair hangs down in thick, dark strands to his shoulder. this overall hairstyle gives him a very "punk rock" and/or "stupid" look, depending on your way of looking at it.

Representation: War of the Horseman

Color: Scarlet red

Semblance: Fire. Dante is able to project his aura offensively in a style that mimics a style of pyromancy, usually in the form of fireballs or a stream of it launched from his hand

Emblem: Flaming cat ears 0w0

Bio: Dante grew up in a poverty housing neighborhood of a smaller village on the coast of Vytal, hidden within the forever fall forest, a simple little fishing town. He grew up with his mother, his father, and his loving little sister, Ellie Scarlet, who he loved more than anything in the world...though...being a family of Faunus...they weren't as well off as they could have been. Both Dante's mother and father worked full time jobs down at the fishing docks, and Dante himself had to bring Ellie along with him to his job in the town's market, trying to sell fish to travelers and the townspeople while being verbally abused, and sometimes physically as well.

Though, they lived...and survived together.

Up until the night that a group of bandits arrived.

They extorted the village, forced everything out of everyone, even going so far as to slaughter anyone who even looked at them the wrong way. That included Dante's parents. They left him be...but they took poor Ellie as a slave, crying and screaming.

They stayed for weeks, until they had taken, literally everything. And then they burned the village to the ground.

Dante escaped, and ran to the nearest town, only to find that the police didn't care, didn't so much as bat an eye at this poor little mistreated faunus boy. He was furious, and returned to the embers of his village, where he found a man, digging through the ashes. He had found the burnt up, black corpses of Dante's parents, and was tsk-tsking to himself. When Dante threw himself at the man in blind rage, he found himself soon embraced in a tight, warm hug.

"Poor child...those humans have wronged you..."

It wasn't long afterwards that Dante began living under the white fang, yelling and screaming under the banner, just as passionate as the others, living in the headquarters as one of their own.

Then the leader changed, and Dante was finally able to get the revenge against humanity he so yearned for. He began to be trained, a prodigal fighter among the usual grunts in the organization, even being given a position with authority by the age of 19.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Dante's usual apparel consists of a 3/4 length black, hooded leather jacket with red interior lining, black jeans, black combat boots, and a red long sleeved shirt. He usually has his jacket sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and on his left arm, he wears a black, steel gauntlet that reaches up to his elbow, and rather than have normal fingers, on each finger is six inch pointed claws. The claw gauntlet has been tempered to be a conductor for aura, and is where Dante conducts Pyromancy from. He also owns the typical White fang apparel, but usually only uses the mask during assignments.

Fighting style: Dante fights like a berserker, ignoring pain, and using relentless amounts of attacks with speed and strength being his main focus. He is rather fast for wielding such a weighty weapon, and will often toy with his enemies by dancing around the battlefield to dodge attacks in a mocking fashion. He fights mostly with aura and timed attacks, as he IS slow when swinging his main weapon, and can usually only do it two times at max, four when using momentum to drive the swings.

Weapon Name: Evory (Pronounced Avery)

Weapon Range: Short to Mid

Weapon type: Flamberge

Weapon Description: Evory is a black, one handed Flamberge-style dual edged greatsword. (See here: ). The edges are created of a bright, special steel alloy that has the strength of steel, but conducts heat as well as fine silver. Dante uses this to heat his sword's edges through his aura, making cutting even easier.

Weapon Abilities: Heat Conductivity

Misc. Info

Family: Ellie Scarlet, AKA Maria Wenseslao Moguel

Strengths and Weaknesses: Dante's ego is often his downfall, and he is not the brightest either.

Other: Any Miscellaneous info you feel is important, but not covered.

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Dante Scarlet
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