RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Plot Advancement

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Alex Barkhorn
Alex Barkhorn

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Plot Advancement Empty
PostSubject: Plot Advancement   Plot Advancement Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 7:10 pm


This is a reminder that we are going to wrap up the current plot thread:

"Let's Have a Giant Co-ed Slumber Party!"

The plan is to have it finished as soon as possible. At the latest, I want it to be wrapped up by Midnight PST on Sunday, May 11th, as Shiro has already issued a "Lights Out" response. And that is at the latest. By that time, the topic will be locked, regardless of whether or not you were still interacting with characters. The next plot thread will either be up by the next day, or in development. Until then, please feel free to use the "Flashbacks" or "Outside of the Local Time and Space" subcategories. If there are any comments or concerns, please do not respond to this topic. Instead, PM me, and I will get to it as soon as I can.

Thanks, and happy roleplaying.


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Plot Advancement
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