RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Character Skeleton

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Character Info

Name: (Your character's name. First and Last are required, a middle name is optional. The name of a character must allude to a color, bring up the thought of a color or something that generally represents a color, or explicitly be a color.)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Race: (Faunus/Human)

Age: (Beacon Students must be a minimum of 17 for first years.)

Personality: (Be detailed and interesting. No one dimensional characters here <^^>)

Appearance: (Physical characteristics. Hair and Eye Color, Skin tone and color, Height, Weight, Build, Hairstyle, any notable features, scars, tattoos, birthmarks, or oddities about a characters appearance.)

Representation: (Historical Figure, Fairy tale, myth, or legend) (Note: Representation does not have to strictly match. A loose basis is allowed.) (Before you pick a representation, please look at the topic of Taken Representations)

Color: (Colors!! <0w0>)

Semblance: (Special ability of your character. No overpowering, keep in mind characters student year and history.)

Emblem: (...<0-0> Symbol of character)

Bio: (Character backstory. Try to keep it from being too overly tragic. It can be sad...but nobody likes a whiner. 0-0. No over-the-top ridiculousness, and keep it sensible.)

Equipment and Battle Info

Attire: (Obviously, your character will be in uniform in school, however, what do they typically wear when in public or in battle. Must reflect Representation or at the very least color. A picture link can be posted in this field)

Fighting style: (A short summary of how the character usually fights. Keep in mind weapon style and type, as well as their personality)

Weapon Name: (Non-optional. Every Weapon deserves a name <^^>)

Weapon Range: (Short, Mid, or Long, or a combination of two.)

Weapon type: (Weapon type it's based off. RWBY has a habit of combining melee weapons with guns, but more unique weapons can be submitted as well. A picture link can be posted in this field)

Weapon Description: (a FULL Physical description of your weapon. A picture link can be posted in this field, but a written description must be supplied as the main conveyance of appearance.)

Weapon Abilities: (Unique abilities of the weapon in question.)

Misc. Info

Family: (Those related to your character. May be used in RP as NPC's.)

Strengths and Weaknesses: (Academic or otherwise. Can even be as simple as likes and dislikes.)

Other: Any Miscellaneous info you feel is important, but not covered.

[center][i]Character Info[/i][/center]












[center][i]Equipment and Battle Info[/i][/center]


[b]Fighting style[/b]:

[b]Weapon Name[/b]:

[b]Weapon Range[/b]:

[b]Weapon type[/b]:

[b]Weapon Description[/b]:

[b]Weapon Abilities[/b]:

[center][i]Misc. Info[/i][/center]


[b]Strengths and Weaknesses[/b]:

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Character Skeleton
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