RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Scarlette Nightray

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Scarlette N

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PostSubject: Scarlette Nightray   Scarlette Nightray Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2014 10:39 pm

Character Info

Name: Scarlette Nightray

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus

Age: 20

Personality: One may call her insane for how she acts with her dark past. Scarlette is generally a very brash and brutally honest person. She has a very childlike innocence, making her very optimistic about things. She is extremely trustworthy and upbeat. Scarlette can be very arrogant and impulsive at times, and it makes her seem fearless almost. She has strong willpower, and she is always passionate about the things she’s determined to do. She’s very independent when it comes to combat, but she is a very social person. She is very empathetic, making her easy to bring to tears. Scarlette is open-minded and adaptable person. Along with her adventurous trait, she is extremely ambitious. Occasionally, she will subconsciously run a hand along the scar located on the bridge of her nose. Although Scarlette may seem like the type of person who has never witnessed the world’s cruelties, she really has, but she just refuses to face them.

Scarlette also considers herself to be male, as well as female. She feels some days that she was born the wrong gender, and so she accepts both she, he and they. Although, some days she prefers one over the other. In addition to this, she will sometimes dress more feminine or masculine some days.

Appearance: Her face has more masculine attributes, rather than feminine. Scarlette has scarlet red hair, as her name implies. Her bangs spike over her left eye, and the rest of it drapes over her left shoulder. Her hair stops roughly below her chest. On the top of her head, she has red fox-faunus ears. Her eyes shine a deep, eye-catching green, and she has a scar going over the bridge of her nose. She stands 5’4”, weighing roughly 116 pounds.

Representation: Gemini

Color: Scarlet

Semblance: This semblance causes one’s (In this case, Scarlette’s and only Scarlette’s) shadow to ‘come up’ from the ground and protect the desired people. The figure is dark, like a shadow. Although this figure emerges from one’s shadow, the person’s true shadow remains on the ground. Scarlette’s shadow is given a shield to protect her with; though the weapon is not always solid. The shadow lasts for about 15 minutes, and it can make any part of it become ‘solid’, including the shield.

For example, if one were to swing a sword at it, it can make it’s shield become solid to deflect the hit. If the shadow was not to make it solid, the sword would phaze through the shadow, then the shadow would reattach itself. Scarlette can only have one shadow figure out at time, and after using it, she must wait an hour before using it again. Scarlette can also somewhat control other people’s shadow. As long as they are within 50 feet, she can control their shadow to come out of the ground slightly. For example, Scarlette would be able to take someone’s shadow and force it to wrap around their feet, causing them to be stuck on the ground. Although, it would be easy to get out of.



Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Scarlette’s clothing usually match a black and red spectrum. Typically, she is seen in a black long sleeved shirt with a red handkerchief and waistcoat. She likes to wear fingerless red gloves, and whenever in some type of combat situations, she wears fingerless gloves with weights in the knuckles. This way, if she ever loses her weapon, she’ll do more damage with the weights in her gloves. Scarlette usually wears black pants, and around each leg, she has a black quiver attached. One of the quivers are used for her dust infused arrows, while the other is for normal arrows. On the quivers, she has pockets for other necessities, like her scroll, water, etc. She also has a sheath on her back for her weapon.

Fighting style: Scarlette is very independent when it comes to fighting. She’s very reckless, as well as impulsive. She’s not afraid to take a few hits, because she’s rather pain resistant, and she never seems to ever be afraid of everything.

Weapon Name: Cruentus

Weapon Range: Short-long.

Weapon type: Sword/Crossbow

Weapon Description: Cruentus’ first form has the attributes of a sword (As shown in the picture below). Cruentus’ second form takes the appearance of a crossbow. It's inner part of the limb is still sharp, so she is able to defend herself in close combat with her crossbow form. There is a small little blade in the front, also used for defense in close combat with the crossbow form. Cruentus' arrows vary between normal and poison. The poison slowly saps away whoever it hit’s energy, and they will eventually fall unconscious.

Weapon Abilities: Changes from a sword to a crossbow, poisoned arrows.

Misc. Info

Family: None that are to be roleplayed on this forum.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Pain resistant
- Great vision & aim
- Fearless and energetic
- Trustworthy and honest
- Small (Counts as a weakness as well) and quick on her feet
- Strong willpower & determined
- Social out of combat, independent in combat
- Open-minded and adaptable
- Optimistic
- Selfless

- Small (Counts as a strength as well)
- Fragile mentality
- Impulsive
- Independent
- Very forgiving; sometimes forgives the wrong people
- Selfless
- Naive and arrogant
- Stubborn
- Chaotic and reckless
- Loose-tongued

Other: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Scarlette Nightray   Scarlette Nightray Icon_minitimeThu Mar 06, 2014 2:52 am

If you are going to have her color as scarlet, then you should have more of it on her clothing.

Also, how does her history connect to representation, aside from her having a twin sister.

And, just a question, its nothing bad. Is the weapon reference you gave Mog (weapon form) from FFXIII-2?

I have decided to make my own forum, I had fun here, but I am sorry that I must take my leave before I ruin this forum.
Here is the link to my forum, it is currently up and running.

I wish you all luck and to not worry bout me, this was my choice.
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Scarlette Nightray
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