RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Maria Wenseslao Moguel

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PostSubject: Maria Wenseslao Moguel   Maria Wenseslao Moguel Icon_minitimeTue Jan 07, 2014 8:33 pm

Character Info

Name: Maria Wenseslao Moguel (Birthname: Ellie Scarlet)

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus

Age: 19

Personality: Maria has a habit of simply not caring, at least socially. She doesn't question anybody's motives, and takes serious offense when people question her own. She doesn't like talking about herself, and tolerates other people rather poorly. She is known to have a very short fuse, and gets very violent, very fast. Despite this, often, in her usual emotional state, she is quite calm, if a bit moody, dark, or brooding. She enjoys being alone, and always seems on edge when people are around her.

Appearance: Under her clothing, Maria actually has a very graceful beauty about her, despite the unsightly marks she has acquired in her few years. She stands at 6' even, making her quite tall. She has rather narrow eyes, a thin, small nose, and an all around narrow face with a sharp chin. She has ivory-white skin, with ten, round, pink, bullet scars. One on her left hip, one on her right thigh, three on her stomach, one on each shoulder, one on her left arm, one on her right breast, and one on her glabella, the thick protrusion of bone between the eyebrows. She has crimson red eyes, that appear to flicker and glow in the light, like some kind of flame resides behind them, and short, fiery red hair, cut at neck length in the back to match. She does not pay her hair much attention, as with the rest of her appearance, and thus, that is the only adjustment made. It still looks very hastily cut in some places and overgrown in others, and all in all, not very pleasant looking. Being a Faunus, she has feline features, her ears being on the sides of the top of her head, seemingly always lowered in a hostile, flat pose, and covered in red fur. She also has a long, slender crimson tail, which she usually hides under her coat. Her body type is quite hourglass-style, with nary a "curve out of place" as they say.

Representation: Wenseslao Moguel, El Fusilado

Color: Scarlet Red

Semblance: Speed. Since unlocking her Aura, Maria has discovered it's use, exponentially increasing her speed and reaction time, to the point where she becomes a blur surrounded by red aura. During use of this semblance, Maria's perception of the world is slowed down, and she moves at a normal pace, making her appear VERY fast to all around her. Coupled with her inborn flexibility and agility, this can make for rather deadly fighting.

Emblem: none

Bio: Born as a faunus, she had a rather difficult childhood. Before she was truly old enough to remember her parents, they were killed in a raid on her village by bandits who had apparently made a habit out of going to other villages and exploiting fears of the grim in order to steal, cheat, and eventually, kill the denizens. She was kept as a slave, deemed unfit for a life. She was beaten, dressed in rags, and abused, "taken advantage of" as soon as she came of age. She witnessed the fates of others of her kind, beaten to death, or within an inch of it by the clan. Perhaps the only reason she survived as long as she did was because a boy, the Clan leader's son, took pity on her. He was half Faunus himself, with snake teeth and a forked tongue, and was forced to wear a mask to hide these features. He would sneak her food, blankets, and help her treat her wounds, and sometimes even comfort her after particularly rough nights.

From the age of five until her early teens, she worked and slaved away, all manner of negative emotions brewing under her seemingly delicate and "innocent" demeanor. But one night, she lost her temper. She flipped her lid when one of the new drunken recruits had bulled her tail to bring her close and then tried to have his way with her. She shattered a plate she was holding and slit his throat in a blind rage. She was swiftly knocked out without a second thought.

When she awoke, she was tied to a post out in the midst of a clearing of a dense forest, her hands behind her back, a firing line aimed at her. The leader of the clan, one of the more respected members, a crazy old tinkerer that made the weapons, and the boy with the arm were there, the two older men giving the orders to aim, and just as she opened her mouth to scream at them to stop, her voice was lost in gunfire, as she felt one, two, four, six, nine bullets tear into her. Blood pooled down her front, sputtering from her lips as she struggled to breath, her senses peaked just from the shear pain. She fell to her knees as the leader of the clan walked up and cut her hands loose, tossing the knife at her feet.

"See if you can swing it without us..." he said. She reached out for the knife, and she heard a click. She looked up to see a barrel pointed between her eyes, and with a loud bang, everything around her went black.

She awoke, to a throbbing pain in her entire body, to the sight of a dimly lit room, an older-looking man about to wrap bandages around her head. He quickly did his job, all while explaining that the village that he lived in had gotten wind of the bandits by the sound of gunfire, and called the local authorities up to take care of the clan. He said that they had found her, just barely breathing, unconscious in a field. They found no money on her, so she was brought to him, as he was known to be a good "medicine man" of sorts, as he was a retired physician. He had had to pull ten bullets out of her body, and nurse her for several days before she had woken up. The more he talked, the more impatient she had become, which she felt was odd, as he had done nothing wrong.

He asked about her, and she had told him that she had lived as a slave from a very early age, and had no skills, no education, not much of anything. He asked her name and she had no answer. He named her Maria after that, if only to simply call her something, and she took his name as her middle and last, become Maria Wenseslao Moguel.

She had to have been the luckiest girl alive, having taken nine bullets, then a finishing shot to the head, and lived to tell the tale, with almost no damage whatsoever, besides some unsightly scars. She gained a reputation fast when she began walking around the village with the retired doctor, learning things from him, though she didn't seem to pick it up quite well. People took to calling her names like "Unkilled" or "The Shot", and she was even wrote about in the local paper.

Apparently, word spreads, because soon she was scouted by a recruiter for Signal Academy, a school offering her a full education, room and board, and training for a profession. It was more than most Fauna could dream of and, after a demonstration of mimicking the little combat she had seen the bandits do for the scouter, Maria was enrolled into Signal Academy.

It was only after she had been enrolled and been given a full physical, shot record, and medical updating that it was brought to her attention that the bullet to the head had done more damage than first appeared. The bullet had passed into her skull ever so slightly, scrapping up part of her brain that controlled inhibition, social skills, and attention span. It healed, but her entire basic self had been altered. From then on she had been more hostile, less social, and even less likely to speak, while becoming less receptive to new information.

It was this that forced her to work harder than most other students at Signal academically, and while all the effort landed her B's at the most, it was enough to keep her afloat. The true strain came from the torture from other students towards Fauna, only now, nothing held Maria back from reacting. She constantly got in fights, never truly seeing herself winning or loosing, but just tearing the other participant limb from limb. She was beaten up, called the worst of names, treated like utter garbage at the worst of times, and just as something ugly at the best, and yet she maintained one of the most perfect combat records of anyone in her class, and decent grades as well.

When time came to move up to a larger academy, Beacon was the first she heard from, and with no patience to go looking for others, she worked to meet requirements to get in, and was eventually accepted. It was then that she dawned her stoic demeanor. She had her coat created, with the ears only appearing to be a decoration, and when she enrolled with the rest of the incoming class, she was known only to faculty who asked for identification. She never showed her face, and with the weapons she had forge painstakingly at Signal, she carved her ways through the assignment to go find relics, picking up her partner along the way. A fellow outcast of Signal, the girl had bumped into him, and couldn't be more furious with the circumstances. However, she held her tongue, and remained in the team she had been assigned, not eager to draw attention to herself. At the ceremony, everyone had eyes on the "new kid in the white cloak," and when her name was said, nothing but silence came from all the entering students.

Since that day, two years later, most people have forgotten she is a Fauna, and assume the ears are decoration, and most people tend to stay away from her, as she never speaks to anyone outside of her team, and even then only a few words, and she is considered one of the most dangerous in the third year class.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Maria's usual clothing is rather concealing, the main piece being a long coat made solely to cover all identifiable features. It is long, ankle length, and quite thick, covering all of her more feminine features The coat splits and opens in the front just below her waist, revealing her dark maroon pants. The coat is a bright, ivory white, with no identifiable features. The arms hang loose, and are pinned to her arms by red cloth wraps around her forearms. The coat has a high collar, and a large hood that is designed to go up and over the wearers head, and zip closed on the collar. The inside of the hood is specially treated so that the wearer can see through the fabric with relative ease, and on top of the hood is the same insignia as on the chest. On the hood are two pockets for her ears to fit into. The cuffs of Maria's pants are pinned down over her black combat boots by black cloth wraps. Beneath the coat, Maria wears a red, short sleeved top, and on her hands, she wears fingerless, white leather gloves.

Fighting style: Maria has a rather acrobatic and swift fighting style, relying mostly on momentum and carefully placed, quick attacks to win. This is not to say she cannot handle herself in a drawn out, close quarters battle. Being very dexterous. She tends to circle about her opponent as she attacks, striking fast and accurately for neck, eyes and the abdomen.

Weapon Name: Pistols: Animus and Sanguine. Sai: Anima and Amare (Mind and Soul, Blood and Love)

Weapon Range: Short to Long range

Weapon type: Dual twelve bullet revolvers and two twin Sai.

Weapon Description: 2 of these:

Animus and Sanguine are twin revolver pistols with special black paint jobs, with red cylinders, hammers, Chamber release, triggers, and grips. The inside of the barrels and chambers have been reinforced should one of the bullets explode prematurely. They fire shots that combust upon impact


Anima and Amare are two Sai that Maria inherited from the son of a bandit clan. They were found with her when she was left for dead, and she recognized them, and so she keeps them. They are both colored pitch black, the center piece and guard/secondary blades having a ribcage and skeletal limb theme. The grips are dark rust colored, ringed steel, and the pommels are two black skulls with red gems for eyes.

Weapon Abilities: The bullets in Maria's clips are specially made, and filled with red dust so they burst into flames upon impact. Other than that, the weapons have no special qualities.

Misc. Info

Family: Brother. Dante Scarlet

Strengths and Weaknesses: Maria's not the best academically, and often lets her anger get the better of her.

Other: Any Miscellaneous info you feel is important, but not covered.

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I see no problems.

Just a nitpick, but in the "Other" section, you have the description of that section.

"Other: Any Miscellaneous info you feel is important, but not covered.".


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Zou's nitpick is all I'm seeing.


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Maria Wenseslao Moguel
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