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The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Artist's Corner | General Information

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PostSubject: Artist's Corner | General Information   Artist's Corner | General Information Icon_minitimeMon Feb 03, 2014 8:51 am

╔═════════════════════════════════════════{ Introduction }═════════════════════════════════════════╗

Welcome to the Artist's Corner!

What is essentially hosted here is exactly what you think. A selection of site based artists are here at your call. To supply artwork of characters, scenes,
ect. Anything your mind can come up with. As long as it is within the capabilities of the artist you appoint to take on your idea. Here you can otherwise
request or commission art from capable artists. Keep in mind, each artist has their own style. Their own way of doing things. Their own stipulations
and conditions. So be sure to pay close attention to what each has to say in their topics. Not all work in the same manner of methods.

On that note. Feel free to browse around the galleries and enjoy what has been posted.

═════════════════════════════════════════{ Linkables }═════════════════════════════════════════

A compiled list of important links. For both artist and non-artists.

- Artist Related -
Artwork Queue
Artists Database

- Non-Artist Related -
Submission Forms

═════════════════════════════════════════{ Artist Rules }═════════════════════════════════════════
No Smut. Since the site runs on a rather firm PG standard of material. It is asked that you keep the same standard in your galleries when you submit finished pieces for display. This means content such as suggestive themes, extreme gore or violence, and things of similar nature. Is prohibited from being posted. This does not mean that you cannot accepts requests like this. It simply means they must be handled on another outer web source.

Respect each other. People are taking the time to recognize skills and request art from you. Please take the time to treat them with respect and courtesy. Promptly accompany to their needs. In a timely and orderly fashion. Maintain, at the minimum, a semi professional conduct when taking a commission or request. If for any reason, the person requesting the art engages in rude or hostile behavior. The artist has the right to deny them service. They must not further instigate the problem. Instead contact the Head Artist. Who will take action to resolve the issue. If not available. Then contact an Admin.

Keep to Word. Though it is not required to accept every request for art. General rule of thumb, you should keep to your word if you choose to go through with a piece. Unless there is a serious reason as to why you can no longer proceed. Which should be handled via PM between artist and requester. To compromise about arrangements accordingly. If given a deadline or due date. Make sure to follow them. Even so, an artist has the rite to deny any request or commission for any justifiable reason. Examples being sickness, schedule, inabilities. Not for selfish purpose. Such as hate, blackmail, or anything that could cause a serious argument. Artists will be monitored if this becomes a problem and can be dismissed if persisted.

Conduct of Artists. The Head Artist maintains the right to accept or deny application into the Artist's Corner. As well as the right to dismiss an already existing artist. Based upon justified reasoning. For new comers, this can include distrust or overall poor community standing. Though we believe in equal chance. The opinions of both staff and members are weighed in decision. For existing artists, means for dismissal can include: repetitive breaking of established rules or even harassment of members. All artist are treated equally while in service.

New Artists can apply to become apart of the Artist's Corner. Requirements to do so are fairly simple. Just drop a PM at the Head Artist requesting membership as well as link. This link must be an example of artwork done by you. Though this does not weigh completely on the decision making process. We're not out to judge any individual's artistic style in any way. It's more a means to show dedication and initiative.

Galleries and Request Boxes are the full responsibility of the artist they belong to. This includes keeping them orderly and up to date. As well as compliant with the rules and regulations of the Artist's Corner. If any gallery or request box fails to do so. It will be removed promptly upon discovery. If a gallery or request box is involved in misconduct. Please contact the Head Artist so that appropriate action can be taken. If not available, then contact an Admin.

All registered Artists are required to have a gallery for displaying finished works and examples. As well as a request box. Where submission forms can be posted for consideration. Request boxes should include the following: A list of things that can be drawn. A list of things that can't be drawn. (By artist own decision.) What types of art the artist offers. As well as if the art is free or requires payment. Personal rules may also be added (Again, by artist own decision). Optional sections such as progress journals may be posted. But are not required.

Upon accepting a request, it will be posted in the Art Queue. This is basically a master list of all outstanding artwork. Information put here includes: Who has been asked to draw it. What has been asked to be drawn. Who the artwork is meant for. As well as any important deadlines. It is to be used as a method of organization. This will be updated as frequently as possible by the Head Artist. Date of latest update will always be included in the title.

═════════════════════════════════════════{ Request Rules }═════════════════════════════════════════
A few previously mentioned rules also apply to those who request or commission artwork. Such as keeping materials PG appropriate. If you wish for adult rated materials. Do so off site. As well as respect between members. Remember, you are the one asking for art. For the artist in question to offer their time to draw out your inner most ideas. So treat them with just as much courtesy as they are expected to give in return. Equal cooperation and pleasantry should be maintained by both parties.

When requesting art, please fill out and submit a request form in the appropriate request box. It is required in order for any request to be considered. This keeps things organized and easy to keep track of. Especially in the case of being able to accurately update the Art Queue. Mark sure to explain your request in as much details as possible. So that the artist is able to capture the idea to the best of their ability.

Galleries that are posted are open to criticism and comment. Though should be constructive. Meaning no unnecessary disrespect or hate bashing will be tolerated. It is more than okay to have an opinion in relation to an artist's work. Just make sure it is there to guide them, instead of trying to insult them. Artists look for useable feedback in order to further themselves. So refrain from drowning them in too much negativity. Unless it is there to help them in an effective manner.

Normal members are not permitted to post content within the Artist's Corner. The forum is specifically designated for the sole purpose of housing all artist based information and materials. It is by no means a place to be spammed, nor used as a personal lounge or out of topic area. This is a place with a purpose. Do not trash it. The only instance that posting from normal members is permitted: Submitting a request form or posting a comment in an artist's gallery. No Exceptions.

You become obligated to accept given terms and conditions. As well as any other personal rules or stipulations set out by the artist. Upon confirmation of request. If not agreed to or followed accordingly. Service can and may be denied by the respective artist. With full justification.

Artist membership can be granted to normal members. Through a simple application process. Details of application requirements are listed above in the 'Artist's Rules' section.

Suggestions to improve the Artist's Corner are allowed. By all members.

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Artist's Corner | General Information
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