RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 The Young Master Roy

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2:45 PM on a Summer day at the Martel Estate

Sheila, a newly-hired, part-time, house maid arrives at the Martel Estate. The automated heavy crimson-brown gates swing ajar upon her arrival and slowly lock back into place as soon as she goes passed the threshold. Two guards standing at attention on either side of the large mahogany doorway that was the entrance to the main house give a slight nod to the petite young redhead as she makes her way through the doorway. The young women simply gives a polite smile to one of the guards as she passes by; one that could turn your gloomy day into a shining oasis. The other guard simply sends an evil stare at the other one as if to say: 'Lucky bastard'

Sheila makes her way to the house staff room, puts her things into her locker, and changes into her maid outfit. Taking one last look into her reflection in the vanity mirror, she notices a small note.


Report to the wine cellar when you arrive.


'Wine cellar, huh? I wonder why they'd want me there?' she thinks with a puzzled look on her face.

Sheila makes her way into the foyer, through a long hallway, and down a winding set of stairs that lead to a small antechamber that would ultimately open into the wine cellar. She reaches to open the large oak door before her, but before she can touch the handle, the door swings open. Jessica, the Head House Maid stands in the doorway, holding a large ornate ruby-tinted bottle, peering down at Sheila. Sheila is somewhat intimidated by the sight.

Her serious face suddenly melts into a cheerful smile.
"Ah, you're just in time!"

"In time? In time for what?"

Jessica looks down at the bottle in her hands and hands it to the young maid.

"Here! Bring this to the young master's chambers, he's had a long night and should be waking up soon"

'Long night? It's almost 3:00!'

Before Sheila can say anything,

"Well, I've got to go, now, busy busy." as she slams the wine cellars door behind her.


She reaches for the doorknob, but it appears that it has been locked from the inside.

Pausing for a moment, a sudden dread hits her. 'Great, more stairs'

She trudges her way back up the winding staircase, heads back to the foyer and up the main staircase, down the long hallway to the young master's bedchambers in the East wing of the manor. After taking a moment to make sure she looked presentable, she knocks on the door. No response.

"Master Roy! I'm coming in" as she opens the door to find a nearly pitch black room. The heavy crimson drapes are drawn shut and not a strand of light is to be found, aside from the light flooding in from the hallway.

As she presses the room panel just inside the room, "Master Roy?"

The lights come on slowly, going from a dim lumen to about the brightness of candlelight. Sheila spots a lump on the bed, bed sheets drawn over the somewhat large figure.

"Master Roy, I've brought you some wine"

No response.

She makes her way closer to the bed, when the bed sheets suddenly flap, and a silver glint comes flying at her at an incredible speed. Her hair is blown back followed by an abrupt thud from the wall behind her. Sheila shrieks and losses grip of the bottle. In a flash, the large figure beneath the bed sheets is gone, suddenly behind her. Roy catches the bottle before it can even fall a foot from Sheila's hands.

"It'd be a shame to spill this fine wine, you know?"

Sheila is flabbergasted at what had just happened and tried to make a sentence, but to no avail. Only fragments of words passed through her lips.

" Whe..."

"Sorry to scare you like that cutie, but you shouldn't try to sneak up on me"


Not letting her finish,
"You must be new here. I certainly don't recognize you"

She finally regains her composure,
"N-n-n-new here?! New here?! New or not, you don't go around throwing knives at people! Asshole!", she suddenly remembers who she's talking to and clams up after her outburst.

Roy looks into her eyes with a sharp look, scary almost. Then that suddenly fades into a smile.

"I definitely don't remember you! They hired a fiery one, didn't they? haha!", uncorking the bottle and taking a large swig of the ruby wine.

'Ugh, is everyone in this house like this?! And geez, what a pig!'

She can only nod at this display as she quickly retreats from the room, slamming the door behind her to a laughing teenager.

Roy finishes the bottle, retrieves the knife from the wall, turns the lights back off, and goes back to sleep.
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The Young Master Roy
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