RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Dusk Twili

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PostSubject: Dusk Twili   Dusk Twili Icon_minitimeSun Jan 26, 2014 5:13 am

Name: Dusk Twili

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 17

Personality: She's quiet and kind when you first meet her since first impressions are important. So she'll be mostly quiet until you get to know her. She'll start talking a bit more once she warms up to you. And becomes her normal self once you and her become best friends. Once you become best friends, she'll become her bold, pervy, protective self. She might go a bit too far with her pervyness, and might tease you. But that's her way of showing affection.

Appearance: Midnight black hair that goes down slightly past the shoulder blades, Light green eyes, and has slightly pale skin. Has a black choker of the moon (Star as alternative), has a red (or black) shirt and wears skinny jeans. Wears a digital watch on her left wrist. And she sometimes wears a white jacket. She is thin and slender from all the exercise she gets from performing. She stands at 5'10 even and weighs 150.

Representation: Althalus (Girl version)

Color: Black and red

Semblance: She is able to be invisible for two minutes maximum. If she uses up all of her time, then she'll be change back to normal. If she forced herself to go past the two minute time limit, then she is at risk of having a major headache. And while she is invisible, light bends around her, distorting her figure.

Emblem: Semi circle with a fire like coming out.

Bio: At a young age of five, she was living on the streets and trying to survive on the harsh streets and try to get enough money to get enough food for the night. She would sometimes steal from people to get their money and since... who would think a five year old would take their money? At first, she was nervous at taking wallets so she tried to take a guy's wallet but she tried too hard and the man noticed it and warned her not to do it again and left. She was so scared that she ran back to the alley way and hid for the rest of the day since she messed up at getting the wallet.

It was night fall when she walked out of her 'Alley Home' and look around to see the night version of the city that she lived in. She always thought that it was interesting since all of the neon lights would light up and a entire new world would open up for her. She would sometimes walk the sidewalks during the moonlight and see how her city that she lived in would change while the sun was away and the moon was high. How things that she visited had change only in a matter of hours.

While she was walking around, she noticed that some people were doing street performances and magic tricks to entertain people. They had crowds of people watching them, in awe no less. Dusk was amazed by how big the crowds were, and they were giving them money too. She was just amazed by it, she watched as one of the female dancers as they were basically rolling in money since their jars were so full of money that she could only dreamed of.

She needed the money for herself. She really needed that money so she could get by for a while. They had a lot more money, so just a few bucks and she'll be gone. So when the show was over, she made sure that people weren't looking so she reached for the jar as fast as she could. She grinned when she got a handful of money... until someone grab her hand. The shock surprised her enough to scream in fear. She look up and saw a woman in her late teens wearing a red, old, trench coat and a black, raggity top hat. She had kind eyes and a friendly smile.

That was the day that she found a 'home'.

Amelia, the top hat girl, took Dusk in as her own child and taught her everything she knew.

Five more years passed (Age 10) Dusk was with the performers, smiling as she danced for crowds and crowds with her best friend and mother like, Amelia. She and Amelia were a duo as they were on the stage, a sight to must see for any and everyone. The way they moved, flowed, and danced was just breath taking. There was nothing wrong with it at all. They were in perfect sync all the time on the stage.

But that was mostly on stage.

Off the stage, they would argue and joke around. Even though she and Amelia would get into arguments, she wouldn't change anything about her family since it was her home and she loved everything about it. The good, and the bad. But that doesn't mean that they hated each other, but means that Amelia and Dusk were really close. Having a bond so strong that not even death can break it.

As the two performed, they attracted a even larger crowed then before, larger then what they could get alone. To have money for themselves and to help out for the others was a sign that things were going in the right direction. Amelia taught her several things that she knew and how to overcome her fear of stage fright. It was hard and struggling. But Amelia was there to help Dusk through it all.

Dusk always tells Amelia that she was glad that she was caught with her hand in the jar.

Six years passed (16) as the group danced and performed, day and night. Flawlessly. The two couldn't be anymore happier. Dusk was always beside Amelia, no matter what since she grown so attached to her then to anyone else. She just couldn't be apart from her. Not for a moment. She was like a mom to her. Something she wanted for a long time.

A family.

As they lived and performed together, the two went through went through so much together. From angry crowds to getting away from Grimm. But Dusk was tired at the running away like a coward. She wanted to be able to fight them off and not rely on anyone else to do it. She wanted to help save the people in her group. Not want to watch them to die. And so, Amelia told her about Beacon and helped her pack.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Wears a red short-sleeve shirt with black jeans. Wears a black jacket with the emblem on the back of the jacket but in the upper part of the back.

Fighting style: She fights by fighting them in the distance with her twin guns. But if that doesn't work, or slows them down and possibly wounds them, then she'll go in for small, but quick attacks.,

Weapon Name: Fang

Weapon Range: Short

Weapon type: They're daggers.

Weapon Description: As Daggers: Red and back They are red and black and perfectly commentary and goes out to six inches of blades. She'll be using this more so then the gun version because it's more 'entertaining' and just "A lot of fun".

As Guns:  They are made of silver and both are filled with six barrels. They take real bullets, but can be exchanged for Dust. But that is for the left one so it'll be able to slow down the monster with the magical stuff while the other works on hurting the monster.

Weapon Abilities: The one on the left slows the target down while the right does double damage.

Misc. Info

Family: As a Older sister/Mom: Amelia

Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths: She is ready to go out and fight the monsters and want to have bragging rights to have shown how many she has slain, but with that, she'll want something that's out of her league and might end up possibly dying. But when she survive through it, she'll brag about it more.

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PostSubject: Re: Dusk Twili   Dusk Twili Icon_minitimeSun Jan 26, 2014 12:22 pm

I'm still somewhat wary of the Semblance, but I'm trusting you to not abuse it.


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Dusk Twili
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