RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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(Que Background Music:

"Are you just gonna lay around and drink up my stock all night again Dante?"

"Work's slow babe, and I got nowhere else to go."

The bartender rolls her eyes, a smirk spreading across her face. She reached down to scratch the faunus man behind the ear, whilst he merely laid on the bar top, one arm and leg hanging off, his hanging hand clutching a bottle of 100 proof vodka.
Dante purrs, his tail flitting around, before the girl walks down the bar. He yawns and sits up, turning his head and popping his neck.
Dante happened to be at a very popular club, which was having a rather slow night. The music had quieted down to adjust for the low volume of people, and most people were merely sitting and drinking, rather than dancing.

"Oi!, why don't you get off the bar catnip!"

Dante's ears flick about as he turns his head, seeing a man that was quite obviously drunk, glaring at him from a stool down the counter. A mischievous grin spread across his face, and his tail begins to flit slowly, more fluidly. He had seen this man earlier tonight...he had come in with a girl...and now was alone.

"What's wrong friend? Girl have too much?" he purrs, "Have to take a pit stop?"

"None of your damn business alley cat!" the man snaps back, slamming his mug on the table. Dante's grin didn't waver, as he merely leaned down again, peering at the man through upside-down eyes.

"I see. She doesn't have a thing for racists." he replies, grinning wide. The man's face turns a bright shade of red, and and moves to swing his mug down onto Dante's face. Acting with perfect reflexes, he rolls off the bar, letting the mug shatter onto the countertop, cutting up the mans hand. Attention was attracted.

"Oi! Dante, what are you doing!?" the bartender woman yells down the counter. Dante only waved his hand back, putting his other hand on the mans shoulder.

"That looked like it hurt."

The man growls, swinging a fist for Dante's face, a dull yellow aura tracing his skin, the cuts closing as he swung. Dante ducked and sprung up, back flipping backwards, his ears turning back defensively, but his cocky grin never changing.
"Aura huh? Feisty..."

The intoxicated man wipes his mouth, swaying where he stood, whilst another man approached him.

"This guy giving you trouble bro?"

The drunk nods, and both glare Dante down. Sensing an incoming fight, Dante scoops up his gauntlet off the counter, slipping it over his hand.

"Just to even the odds..." he explains. Both men charge him. Dante ducks under a fist from the Sober man, balancing on his hands, and swinging his legs around in a dance-type move, sweeping his legs out from under him. The drunk man then tried to kick him whist he was on the ground, and Dante countered it with a kick of his own, stepping up the man's leg and flipping over, getting him back to his feet crouched down low. The sober man had gotten up, and grabbed Dante by his hair, lifting him up, dragging him over and slamming his head on the counter.

"ouch! C'mon guys, hair pulling?" Dante calls, a tense chuckle under his voice.

"Shut up you disgusting beast man!" The sober man yells. From behind his head, Dante can hear a flicking noise, before a switchblade is put against the left side of his lip.

"Weee'll see if you can keepp up that talk when yur F**king mute." the drunk man slurs. Seeing himself in actual, life-or-death danger, Dante's guise falls. As quick as a trained soldier can, Dante bites down on the blade, and withing a second, reaches up with his gauntlet-clad hand, and grabs the drunk man's arm. A loud sizzling sound can be heard, as the man drops the blade, screaming. The weapon no longer tense between his teeth, Dante lets go and grabs the knife, reaching up and running it along the arm of the man holding him down. That man too screamed, and let him go.

Throwing the knife behind the counter, Dante grabs the sober man's head, slamming it into the bar-top, watching the drunk man stumble about, gripping his burnt wrist. He lean down, next to the sober man's head, his grin having returned.

"I'm gonna let you go...but no more trouble understand?"

"Your F**ked. I'm in the Hunter Corps...and my girlfriend over there called the cops when I came over!" the man shouts from the countertop. Dante chuckles, kicking the back of the man's heels.

"Your causing me all kinds of trouble... he whispers, before leaning back, turning his head towards the entrance. Sure enough, Two men, wearing sunglasses, had shown up, and people were pointing his way.
His grin turning more into an excited smile. Turning away quick, before the men looked, so as to hide his face.

"Don't move now my little racist friend..." he mutters, just as he hears one of the officers call at him from across the room. Dante lets go and immediately takes off across the room, towards the back entrance. Getting to the door, he opened it and took off down the back alley, his weapon clicking loudly in it's holster on his back, the noise of it and his footsteps bouncing and echoing off the walls.

"Stop!" he hears behind him, as he takes a hard right, running up the wall and clutching the bottom rung of a raised fire escape ladder. The metal creaks and clinks, as both of them fall. Dante winces as he falls flat on his feet, paining them slightly, but quickly recovers, scrambling up the fire escape, and taking off across the buildings.

After leaping to another nearby building, Dante pulls a White Fang Mask from his coat, fastening it to his face, and returning his attention to the rooftop before him, just in time to stop running, and keep himself from running right off the edge.

"Hands up!"

Dante whips around, seeing the two officers behind him, guns aimed at him. Dante steps back, onto the edge of the building.

"Don't do it!" One of the men, the one with the beard shouts, lowering his gun, reaching out, moving to go and grab Dante...but he had already leaned back, dropping from the roof. The two officers rushed over and looked down off the side...but the man was gone..not dead on the ground..not alive...he had just...vanished.
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