RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Wade Sterling

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PostSubject: Wade Sterling   Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:19 pm

Character Info

Name: Wade Sterling ( Sterling refers to a name meaning "easterner" given to pre-medieval refiners of silver.)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 17 (Can be changed.)

Personality: Wade is a 17-year old who believes he is the, "Voice of The People". However this is merely an excuse to act out against various forms of authority, which unfortunately caused his brother to constantly arrest him.  The main victim being the V.P.D, for whom Wade hates with a passion. He is also not afraid to speak his mind, even if it gets him into trouble sometimes.

Wade can also be a little untrustworthy, forgetting to do a simple task and instead catch up on some sleep. Wade takes responsibility for his mistakes, and tries to correct them. He also has an extreme passion for architecture. His newest favorite being Beacon Academy.

Overall Wade is rebellious, lazy, but still makes up for his mistakes. He also respects authority such as teachers. Police, not so much.

Appearance: Wade is about 5'6" and weighs 130 lbs. Wade has white hair, that is short and spiky. His eyes are a shade of grey that resemble storm clouds. He has a slight tan, and a slim build. Wade is toned and muscular, but doesn't look like a body builder. Wade has a scar of the left of his upper lip and a larger scar across his back. From Wade's left elbow to his shoulder a tribal tattoo can be found.

Representation: The Two Brothers

Color: Silver

Semblance: Sivler Scales- Wade is able to cover his arms and hands in silver scales, increasing his offensive and defensive capabilities. Wade can also use the scales as projectiles after being broken, and throw them like throwing knives. The scales can be broken, and take quite the effort to create. It takes Wade several minutes to cover his arms and hands in the scales. The scales, if used for too long, can become rather painful to Wade and will try to become part of his skin. Luckily Wade is able to get rid of the scales easier than he creates them.

Emblem: Wade's symbol is a silver hawk, wings spread, and flying upwards.

Bio: Two brothers, one always keeping the other out of trouble, the older going as far as arresting his little brother. Things were not always like this, and the two used to get along. Things between them started to change after the unfortunate death of their parents. They were on their way to the Vale Museum with their children, but were met with an unfortunate ending. A large vehicle met them at an intersection, killing the brother's parents. The youngest, Wade, had protected the oldest with what appeared to be silver scales. The oldest, Gren, had survived and took care of Wade himself. In order to do this, Gren was forced to find a job, in his case, an opening at the Vale Police Department.

After several years, Wade began to develop a hatred for the police force. They brought no just to the death of his parents, which was no accident. This caused Wade to begin a life of crimes like stealing, vandalism, and more. Gren was forced to arrest his brother multiple times, as if it was a routine. One day however, Gren didn't come home from work. A police officer arrived at the door to explain to Wade that his brother had been ambushed by a group of gang members. Wade was then forced to live in an orphanage, at least for a little while.

Wade began looking through applications for jobs, anything to get him out of the orphanage. He stopped upon a brochure for Signal Academy, where he felt he would fit in. Wade's parents had always wanted Wade to be a Hunter, but Wade had other business to take care of first. Wade was going to find his brother's murderers. He did everything he could possibly think of whether it be eavesdropping, stealing police records, or even interrogating local thugs. After what seemed like years, Wade had finally located the gang members who had killed his brother. This resulted in a fight between Wade and three opponents, and receiving several scars and bruises. One of the scars was created by a switchblade that had sliced across Wade's back. Just when Wade was about to finish off the murderers, the V.P.D had stopped the scrimmage. Wade ran away into the shadows of the night, but the gang members were taken into custody.  

Now that Wade had some-what completed his primary goal, he decided to attend Signal Academy.  After years of training Wade was accepted into Beacon Academy, and this was his chance to help others unlike the police force had done for him.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Starting with his head, Wade wears a silver beanie, that allows his hair to stick out. Around his neck, Wade wears a necklace that had belonged to his brother. The charm of the necklace is in the shape of an eagle with it's wings spread. Moving down Wade wears a grey plaid shirt underneath a silver leather jacket, the secondary color being black on his hood.  For pants Wade wears rather tight fitting jeans, however he is still able to move fluently. The jeans are held up with a black belt with silver studs. Finally Wade wears a pair of high top black sneakers.

Fighting style: Wade's fighting style is one he has trained numerous years to try and perfect. It involves using  slashes and stabs from his tantō, which is held backhandedly, and quick jabs as well as knee strikes. Wade is also able to mix his semblance into his fighting style, with his fingers turning into claws allowing him to deliver swipes. This requires Wade to be very close to his enemies, sometimes giving him a disadvantage. Wade's attacks are quick and powerful. Wade tries to tear his opponent down while dealing serious damage as well.

Weapon Name: Quicksilver

Weapon Range: Close

Weapon type: A tantō

Weapon Description: Quicksilver is 13 inches long in length, the blade being the longest feature. The handle is white, and is fitted with a small trigger allowing the tantō to use lightning dust. Also on the handle is Wade's emblem. The tantō has a slightly thick cross section, allowing it to pierce light armor. The blade however is still thin enough to stab into chinks of armor.  

Weapon Abilities:  Quicksilver is able is use lightning dust, allowing it to deliver shocking stabs and slices. The lightning dust can also be used for another interesting feature. The lightning dust can take form of silver when mixed with Wade's aura, turning the tantō  into a wakizashi. (23 inches)

Misc. Info

Family: N/A

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Wade's strength lies in close combat. He is quick, fluent, and agile. Wade is also able to use the environment to his advantage.

Weakness: Wade is not so good in long range combat, and can be quickly overwhelmed.

Other: Some people think that Wade is a rare version of Faunus, due to the dragon-like scales of his semblance.

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PostSubject: Re: Wade Sterling   Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:27 am

Okay, a few things.

1. You need to follow the template. That means character info, battle info, and misc. info all have to be in the center and italicized. Strange rule, I know. But it's how it works.

2. A more vivid description of weapons abilities would be nice.

3. Your grammar could use some work.

4. I don't follow your character's bio. You suddenly have him developing a nice side after being told his brother was ambushed. That doesn't really make any sense.

5. Strengths and weakness: Need fine tuning. And skateboarding isn't a strength unless it has something to do with his fighting style.

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PostSubject: Re: Wade Sterling   Sat May 03, 2014 4:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wade Sterling   Mon May 12, 2014 11:28 pm

Edited again! I don't think the grammar is perfect, but I did my best!
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PostSubject: Re: Wade Sterling   

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Wade Sterling
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