RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Combat Demonstration

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PostSubject: Combat Demonstration   Combat Demonstration Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2014 1:06 am

For a clearer demonstration of the Semblance:

Claire ran full speed at the Beowulf.  Similarly, it charged at her.  Before they met in close combat, Claire used her semblance to subtly place a glyph in the path of the Beowulf's charge, and created another in front of her feet.  The Beowulf, unknowingly, stepped onto the glyph, and a silvery light emitted from the glyph as it activated.  The glyph was a pulling glyph, and the Beowulf's foot was stuck now that it stepped on it.  It fell face forward and the glyph faded.  Claire stepped onto the glyph in her path, and it was a pushing glyph.  The direct contact launched her into the air, and that glyph, too, faded away.  She did not come back down.

Claire had twirled in the air so as to orient herself upside down, relative to standard gravity, and in her airborne moment, she had created a pulling glyph from which she could suspend herself when her feet touched it.  The Grimm looked behind it, anticipating Claire to have landed behind it, and it was confused.  Claire, now in the air upside down, drew Vector and aimed down its sights, unleashing several rounds straight down at the Beowulf from above.  

The Beowulf's animalistic senses allowed it to react in the split second between the bullets' leaving the barrel and moment of impact, and it avoided the shots, no small feat.  Claire frowned in the slightest frustration.  Summoning the strength of her core muscles, she built momentum, while in place, before releasing the glyph and flipping, once again, through the air.  She summoned another pulling glyph.  This time, the glyph, still in the air, was perpendicular to the ground.  Claire anchored herself to it.  She hated fighting in this position.  It tested the strength of her core muscles to keep standing erect in such a position.  Nonetheless, she focused on the task at hand.  Claire summoned a variety of glyphs around the Beowulf, some pushing and some pulling.  Without hesitation, she shot the ground around the Beowulf with her specialized ammunition, causing them to ricochet.  The glyphs were in the perfect position to pick up the ricocheting bullets and change their directions.  

As the bullets ricocheted on glyph after glyph, the Beowulf was caught in a hail of bullets, all bouncing in different directions and at different velocities (hence the name of the rifle).  The Beowulf collapsed, unable to comprehend, let alone dodge, the geometric complications of so many disparate and individual lethal vectors.  Satisfied, Claire dissipated the glyph suspending her and landed feet-first on the ground.  She slung Vector over her shoulder and walked away.
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Combat Demonstration
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