RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Claire Lunedesang

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PostSubject: Claire Lunedesang   Claire Lunedesang Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 5:48 am

Character Info

Name:  Claire Lunedesang (French for the Blood Moon)

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 17 (First Year)

Personality: Claire, as a person, is playful and pleasant.  She thoroughly enjoys the company of friends she can laugh, make jokes, and play pranks with, all in good taste of course.  Obviously, life is far from a game, but still, she sees no reason not to enjoy each and every day as it comes.  In her playfulness, Claire can sometimes be a bit of a tease, as she knows how to leverage her femininity.  With that said, her upbringing and family background requires that she be reserved and elegant, and though she is not bound by the rules of upper-class propriety at Beacon, she is more than able to act the part as needed.

In combat, however, a darker side of Claire's personality surfaces.  While on the job, she is defined by an insatiable drive towards efficiency and the utmost professionalism.  All that matters is the objective, and others concerns are subordinated as merely accessories to the objective.  With the separation of the professional and the personal, morals and ethics can become buried as Claire grows increasingly stone-hearted, merciless, sometimes even cruel.

Appearance: 5'9"; approx. 145 lbs.; alluringly attractive, patrician facial features; shapely, curved, and endowed, yet pleasingly slender figure, figure; pale green eyes; fair skin; light brown/dark blonde hair between armpit and bra-strap in length is usually let loose but tied back into a ponytail when fighting.  

Representation: Christine Daaé from the French novel, the Phantom of the Opera

Color: Primarily silver-white (of the normal moon); secondary crimson (of the blood moon)

Semblance: Claire can create glyphs that either push or pull.  The glyphs can either be free-standing or can be attached to an object.  The pushing pushing and powers are very powerful, but exponentially decrease in power the further away an object is from a glyph.  At the point of physical contact to a glyph, the pushing/pulling power is so strong that a person can actually stand upside down so long as the glyph is maintained.  Normally, Claire does not have problems creating and using several glyphs in rapid succession to support her weight, but it takes a phenomenal amount of aura to sustain a glyph that pushes/pulls an object of substantial mass for any extended period of time.


Bio:  Claire's family, the Lundesangs are an established family that made a name for itself for its members who fought during the War.  Against the Grimm in the War, the Lunedesangs, a family of veterans and heroes, grew in prestige and were praised almost universally.  However, this reputation would start to blacken in the years after it.  The Lunedesangs, having been exalted in the kingdom regime, firmly cemented itself as part of a pseudo-aristocracy.  As a result, its loyalties were firmly in line with the existing reign when the Faunus War erupted.  As it did during the War against the Grimm, the Lunedesangs contributed soldiers.  However the Lunedesangs also contributed assassins, and several Faunus leaders and revolutionaries were assassinated at their hands.  They were actions that some felt underhanded and immoral, but the Lunedesangs family heads waved such concerns away and said the actions were necessary, for the sake of the human government.  Thankfully, few realize the full extent of the Lundesang family's participation in that conflict.  

After the war, the Lunedesang family followed the tradition of being hunters, as away to keep up the proud martial heritage, though some members have created their own businesses to take advantage of Vale's ensuing post-war growth, while others entered the realm of politics, law, and finance.  It was into this kind of history that Claire was born.  She had a refined upbringing with advanced education in small, private classes, along with the children of some other prominent families, and she was similarly taught combat skills in private settings.  Claire passed an equivalency examination that allowed her private tutoring to pass as a Signal-type academy equivalent, and thus she was accepted into Beacon.

Claire is proud to be a taught in the ways of the hunter, as it means continuing her family's rich traditions.  However, she does not look upon being a hunter as something she wants to pursue as a lifelong career, and instead favors pursuing business in the family's industrials conglomerate  This outlook on her future career differentiates her from other Beacon students and influences her time spent at the academy.  Still, the recent increase in Grimm and Faunus extremist activities just might pull her back along the hunter's path.

Equipment and Battle Info

Attire:  Casually, Claire wears a white spring dress and a dark (but not intense) crimson.  Both are kept simple, and it reflects Claire's usual pleasant and playful demeanor.  When on missions, she instead wears a crimson shirt and tight, flexible pants that are silver-white in color with a single crimson stripe going up the outside of the legs.  Over the shirt, Claire has slate grey elbow-length short jacket that is padded where it needs to be while also light around the joints.  There are silvery-white and crimson accents on the jacket  She wears black gloves, brown boots, and has a black belt that hangs loosely at her hips, holding some of her smaller gear.  Claire uses a pair of NV/IR HUD goggles when she fights, though she doesn't pull them down over her eyes and activate them unless needed.

Fighting style:  Because of Claire's primary weapon being a battle rifle, she tries to be maintain a distance from enemies, using her natural and aura-assisted athletic and acrobatic agility.  When an opponent comes into close quarters, her first instinct is to evade strikes and move to a position to regain the advantage of range.  Only when absolutely cornered will Claire utilize Gemini, and when she does, she heavily focuses on attacking joints and vital regions (particularly the throat/thyroid).  

Claire learned combat with a particular emphasis on spatial awareness.  As a result, she is always on the move to attack targets from multiple, different and unexpected angles.  This may involve simply running from cover point to cover point or using her semblance to suspend her at odd locations (such as anchoring herself upside down above a target to fire down at it).  To add to the focus on spatial awareness, Claire often purposefully ricochets her dust bullets, using their specialized density to maintain stopping power while using her semblance to control their velocity and the pattern and direction in which they ricochet.  This tactic is designed to overwhelm opponents as they are forced to keep track of and avoid whole messes of bullets each ricocheting at different directions and velocities

As a team member, Claire tends toward being a solo fighter, due to her emphasis on penetrating deep and pursuing and picking out high value objectives.  This can sometimes create confusion among the team as she appears to suddenly abandon the group in pursuit of the objective or better vantage points to achieve said objective.  While she still tries to aid the team with well-placed shots and timely interventions, it is not quite the same as having a teammate that you can fight shoulder-to-shoulder with.  Thus with her, a team of four will be more like a team of three and a half.

Weapon Name:  Vector

Weapon Range:  Long; short

Weapon type:  Rifle

Weapon Description:  Vector is a scoped battle rifle.  As befitting her approach to combat, Claire designed Vector with a very utilitarian mindset.  The rifle is stripped down and slim, meant to minimize weight, and is built in the bullpup setup, thus optimizing platform maneuverability for a given barrel length.  Because of the absolute focus on performance without compromise, Vector was not built to transform into any other forms, necessitating Claire to carry a pair of kali sticks that can be electrified using dust, jointly named Gemini, as backup weapons.  Claire carries some explosive and diversionary dust-charges for discretionary use.

The standard rifle rounds are 7.62x51mm in dimension and, for the most part, are pretty standard bullets.  Claire, however, carries an additional type of round is denser, travels at a lower velocity, and is optimized for bullet ricochet, sometimes allowing for multiple ricochets of the same bullet.

Weapon Abilities:  Vector has multiple firing types (see above); a suppressor can be attached to the barrel.

Misc. Info

Family:  Claire's family consists of the many members of the famous Lunedesangs.  She is the third of four children and has an older brother (the eldest), older sister, and younger brother.  She also has various extended family, some of whom are in law government, others who are in finance and capital markets, and still others who make up management of Lunedesang Heavy Industrials.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Claire has naturally high stamina, which is made even higher when she utilizes her aura to support her athletically and gymnastically demanding movements.  Because of this, she rather elusive and can be hard to catch up close.  Claire is also a patient and skilled stalker, adept at stealthily following high-value targets for the right time to eliminate them.

Because Claire performs very energy-intensive maneuvers and acrobatics with the assistance of her semblance and aura, sustained use of such maneuvers is a heavy strain on her aura reserves.  This weakness becomes especially evident at close ranges, where she relies on evasion to retreat back into her most effective fighting zones.  Because of this preference to escape close ranges, Claire's aura strain is accelerated as she is pushed to the limit to perform normally unfeasible acrobatic and athletic feats to avoid close combat.  This leaves Claire woefully vulnerable against those rare foes who can keep up with her maneuvers and keep her engaged at close ranges.

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PostSubject: Re: Claire Lunedesang   Claire Lunedesang Icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 2:08 am

Looks very solid. I can't find anything wrong with it.



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PostSubject: Re: Claire Lunedesang   Claire Lunedesang Icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 6:34 am

Thanks.  A lot  

I changed Claire's last name from Lisnoir (Black Lily) to Lunedesang (the Blood Moon).  I like the sound of Lunedesang more than Lisnoir.  Color set has been changed accordingly  Also, the fairy tale/myth allusion has been changed from Achilles's Myrmidons to Badb of the Celtic Morrigan Trio.  Finally, I've made her primary weakness clearer.
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PostSubject: Re: Claire Lunedesang   Claire Lunedesang Icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 11:39 pm

Rad. Thank you again.


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PostSubject: Re: Claire Lunedesang   Claire Lunedesang Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 9:45 am

Changed the representation again to Christine from the Phantom of the Opera
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Claire Lunedesang
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