RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Canon Auditions

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PostSubject: Canon Auditions   Canon Auditions Icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2014 9:57 pm

Post a scene with the character(s) you wish to play as, and we'll take a look before deciding upon approval or denial.


(Weiss Schnee)

'You know how to do this already. Now calm down, stop thinking too much about it, and just do it,' she thinks, left hand on Myrtenaster's hilt, ready to draw the elegant weapon at a moment's notice. Her eyes snap open, and the rapier is flying from its resting place, spinning in the air to come to a standard grip as she settles into a stance.

Ice-blue eyes dart side to side, a slight turn of her head included as she looks left, and moments later, a glyph is on the ground. She speeds forward, darting between two foes to stab at the one at the rear of the group and using the initiative to create chaos in the enemy ranks. After the first is dispatched, she twirls, readying one of the many Dust chambers at her disposal before plunging Myrtenaster into the ground, causing multiple spires of ice to erupt. A full third of her remaining foes are dispatched by the attack, and those that remain are visibly unnerved by the raw power she just exhibited.

In spite of their nerves, not one flees, and a group of three charges her head on, weapons raised. In preparation to attack or for intimidation, she doesn't know, nor is it of any consequence, and she darts to the right, right hand touching the ground to help propel her through the cartwheel as she moves to flank the incoming opponents. A set of quick jabs, and one of the three is quickly brought down, while another pair begins coming at her from her right.

Responding to the new threats, she moves back to her left, stepping away from her foes to create distance. Then, she leaps back, dodging an overhand strike from the left that had nearly blindsided her. In retaliation, she spins Myrtenaster's cylinder, and directs her wrath upon the offender, a line of fire racing along the ground before quickly immolating them.

Attempting the tactic of rushing her again, the remaining five all begin moving at once, only to find themselves launched into the air by the glyph she'd set as she cartwheeled around their first charge. In a disoriented heap they land, and she strides up to them, Myrtenaster in hand and ready should any try rising back up.

Weiss closes her eyes for a few seconds, then opens them again, looking around the empty training arena. "I'm not perfect," she whispers, "but I can at least come close."

Without further preamble, Myrtenaster is again sheathed at her side, left hand resting on the hilt. Weiss closes her eyes again, ready to repeat the exercise until she could improve no further.

Whitney Lí Crane
-The father is not the son.
Weiss Schnee
-I'm not perfect, but I can at least come close.
-Do not assume you can spot a monster based on appearances alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Canon Auditions   Canon Auditions Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2014 11:57 pm

(Velvet Scarlatina)

"Cardin, please, stop it!" Came the whimper of a young woman, her English intonation accompanied by pain.

The young Faunas girl was, again, the center of attention for the brutish Team CRDL. She wanted to run, just get away from the ruffians, but Cardin was pulling too damn hard on her ear. If she even moved one wrong way, it would send a jolt of pain down her head, and on through her neck. It also didn't help that he lead her around the courtyard, fully aware that any movement by the girl would result in pain.

But what could she do? She couldn't fight back- there were too many of them. Where was her team? They must know, she thought to herself. Being one of the few Faunas to attend, they must know she'd be the center of attention.

"They don't even care..." The timid girl whispered, fighting back tears.

"Say something, bunny?" Cardin mocks, giving her ear a little tug, causing Velvet to gasp in pain. She could feel it coming, now- her eyes began to moisten, and her vision blurred.

"Hey! What're you doin'?!"

Velvet's eyes looked up, hearing an unfamiliar voice shout in anger. She could see through blurry vision, two figures - one with a white hood, and another, who she could swear had Faunas features, sporting a long, red scarf.

"Knock it off, you jerks!" The younger woman shouted. The two now ran towards CRDL, and the group scurried off like a group of cowards. Velvet held her scuffed rabbit ear, rubbing it gently to soothe the pain. She can hear the footsteps of the other two approaching. Even though the two had just saved her from her torment, she couldn't bare to face them.

Tears flowing from the Faunas' face, she turns on her heel, running off, her footsteps not enough to drown out the noise of her sobs.


(Blake Belladonna)

Black ribbon slithered to the floor, collecting in a small pile - one end attached to the intricate Gambol Shroud, the other, to the arm of the girl with the bow. Her blazing amber eyes look from left to right, the faux enemies quickly closing in. There's a disorienting blur, and the enemies dart in, all attacking the girl at once...

...Until her form dissipates into a blurry mist. Looking up, the woman was high in the air, one hand holding the blade, the other, outstretched, pointer and ring finger extended as she judges the distance and time she has to attack. Again blurring forward onto the ground, her Shadow hanging in the air, the young woman dashes forward, a spinning slash disorienting one enemy, and a backwards slash injuring another. Removing the cleaver-like sheath from the blade, she holds it backhanded, swirling and attacking the other two that had moved in while Blake was distracted.

Again using her semblance to escape the enclosed encounter, she takes a quick second to observe the layout of the arena. This particular environment had small elevated platforms she could use to gain an advantage.

Darting forward, Blake leaps high into the air, kick-stepping off a ledge. While in the air, she folds Gambol Shroud, taking potshots in the air at the enemies to disorient and incapacitate as many as she can. Landing upon the platform, she takes more shots, until four of them leap high into the air to meet her at an even level.

She throws her weapon, still attached to her via the ribbon, and she yanks, twirling the weapon around in the air, the blade and the firearm working in unison to slash and fire at enemies unfortunate enough to get close.

Leaping once again, Blake slashes at an enemy with her sheath, kicking off of it to get at a higher advantage, still hacking at enemies with Gambol Shroud.

She lands, pulling the weapon back in and unfolding it back to it's blade form. Three enemies eye her, rushing in to attack. Blake dashes forward, meeting their charge. Another disorienting blur, and her Shadow dissipates, with Blake appearing on the other end of the enemies, kneeling with her weapons in her extended hands. When she places Gambol Shroud back in its sheath, the enemies keel over, having suffered brutal slashes to each of their midsections. She places the weapon on its place on her back, the bow atop her head lightly twitching as she observes the battlefield.

A standard practice, beaten with ease. "...Maybe a higher difficulty..." She ponders to herself, feeling as if she could have accomplished the same exercise at a higher skill level. With her expression as calm and serious as it was before, and during, the battle, she makes her way to the exit, her black bow twitching once more atop her head.

"This is where I will draw my line." - Renji Aoki

"Be proud of who you are." - Veronique "Vera" Milian, Leader of team VMLN

"Hey, young blood." - Ezekiel "Zeke" Akairo.

"Oso sugiru..." - Okiro Kuroki. of team ONYX

"Do not hurt my friends! Ya got that?!" - Xiang Fahy

"Smile!" - Rudil Blaus

I don't care what other people think of me.
I know what I am, and no whiny asshat with daddy issues can change that.

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Auditions   Canon Auditions Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 1:50 am

This any single one of them, sans the one's whose been already auditioned for. Hoping for either Ruby or Jaune though.

“Snrk….Five more minutes…..”


“No Ruby…You’re too overpowered….Laser eyes…Yang’s power level….is over nine thousand….”



A quick hit to the head rose one Jaune Arc from his slumber, reflexively grabbing his head, his eyes bolted open and searched for his attacker….Who happened to be smiling broadly down at him with her big turquoise eyes. Now, most males would find such a sight pleasing, those males however, would find the warhammer she was carry to be less so.

“He’s up!” Nora Valkyrie beamed cheerfully, clearly not at all the least bit bothered by the taller red head restraining her arms holding the aforementioned warhammer.

“Nora….Put the hammer down.” The ace of team JNPR, Pyrrha Nikos, said evenly, barely holding back the massive grenade launcher/warhammer from striking their leader in the face.  

“Oh, I wasn’t gonna hit him in the face, just right next to it!” Nora replied cheerfully, “That would’ve woken him up for sure.”

“And broken the window.” Came a much calmer voice sitting opposite to the trio, looking up from her book, Blake Belladonna spared them a glance before returning to her novel.

“These “windows” are made out of high composite polycarbonate, they can even withstand Grimm attacks.” Said the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, “I doubt she could have broken it.” Weiss Schnee said haughtily, tilting her head to the side.

“I wouldn’t bet on that….” Muttered the leader of team RWBY, who, incidentally was called, Ruby.

Taking the time to spare a glance at Ruby, Weiss opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by the blonde bombshell of RWBY.

“Ookay. Let’s not give her any ideas.” Yang Xiao Long said, holding her hands up in a placating gesture, warily looking at Nora, who looked ready to prove Weiss wrong.

“Nora.” Lie Ren said, coming up to the redhead, who was readying her Magnhild for an overhead strike.

“Oh, okay Ren.” Nora dropped the hammer, her shoulders sagging.

“Come on Nora.” Putting a hand on Nora’s shoulder, Lie Ren led her to the now opening boarding ramp, “Let’s go look at the animals.” This instantly perked her up.

“Oo! We can find out what sloths sound like now!” She said happily, then started making her best imitation sloth noises, quickly followed by the white and black.

Looking on, Jaune sighed in relief and slumped back onto the long couches that made up the bulk of the Airship’s passenger gallery.

“So…Overpowered?” Ruby said, smiling.

“It wasn’t like that!” Jaune said quickly, putting his hands up in defense, “I had this weird dream, you could fly and shoot lasers and Yang had spikey gold hair-“ Yang raised an eyebrow while Ruby was trying, and failing, to stop herself from laughing, “And and…I’m just gonna shut up now.”

Unable to stop a giggle from escaping, Ruby smiled, “Its not bad.”

“Yeah!” Yang agreed, slamming her fists together, “Over nine thousand? That sounds pretty badass. What else happened?”

Spurred on by their support, Jaune leaned forward, “Well, you two were fighting for some reason, I think it was because you wanted to fight Ruby or something,” He said, looking to Yang, who frowned, “But Ruby could fly and shoot lasers from her eyes. ” Ruby beamed at this, her smile pretty much taking up all of her face, “And you two were from different planets that both exploded. One of them was because of some weird guy with green lips, I think that was Yang’s.”

The older sister blinked, while the younger one looked on, enraptured with the tale, “And when you two started fighting, Yang’s hair was black, then she got really angry and her hair turned back to yellow.”

“Seems Legit.” Yang agreed, nodding her head.

“Anyway, you two had this big fight and you shot this blue laser beam at Ruby…Kama…Sama…Something like that.” Jaune said, making gestures to go along with the tale, “And you kinda went through a building. Sorry.”

“What happened next?” Ruby said, quickly dismissing the notion.

“Uh, that’s about it. I got woken up by Nora before I saw what happened next.” Jaune admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

“Awww…” Ruby groaned, “I wanna shoot laser eyes…”

Yang, for her part, just smirked and stood up, “Come on Rubes, let’s go.” Nodding, the black haired scythe wielder stood up and followed Yang.

“Sounds like you had an exciting dream.” Pyrrha said, offering Jaune a hand up, which he gladly took.

“Yeah, kinda hope I don’t have it again though.” He admitted, rubbing his head again.

“Why’s that?” Pyrrha asked, starting to walk toward the ramp.

“Oh, just seemed like the kind of thing that would get people angry about.” Jaune said.

“Uh, Jaune…that…doesn’t really explain….” Pyrrha began to say, only to loose the sentence as Jaune chuckled nervously.

“Yeah, sorry. It’s all I got.” He admitted, shrugging.

Pyrrha just smiled as they exited the airship.

(Second Audition for Ruby.)

Walking through the frozen forest, a red girl draped shuffled silently along the snow covered path. Rose petals shedding off her cloak as the frost carried by the wind swept through the forest. In the lonely forest, this girl was alone.

And that's she wanted it to be.

Coming up to a desolate peak, a single grave rested there. On this stone grave was the symbol of a rose, a wilted flower that remained solitary. Unmoved by time's unending stream, the grave was a altar, and a reminder. Kneeling down in front of the grave, the girl took another look at the inscription embedded on the stone.

Summer Rose, thus I kindly scatter.

Lowering her head, the girl held back a tear through will alone. It was over, she died years ago. Get over it. That's what the girl kept telling herself, but no matter what she did, nothing ever took the place of the one in the grave. It was unparalleled sadness, it was unmatched loneliness. It was...It was....

It was a betrayal.

The one in the grave meant everything to the girl, she was her light, her aspiration! Her role model! Her...her...Her mother.

And she was gone, only the lonely cliff-side altar remained.

Resisting the urge to scream in pure rage and frustration, the girl lifted her head.

And saw a white figure shedding rose petals standing behind the grave. No, not standing. You needed legs for that. This was hovering, for the figure had no legs to begin with.

Stunned for a moment, the girl couldn't speak. Finally, she manged to find the will to use her words.

"Mo-" But by the time she did, the wind blew through the cliffside, and a torrent of white petals overtook her.


Ruby's eyes shot open, and sat up even faster. Breathing heavily, Ruby Rose rubbed her head. That dream again? Ugh, ever since she visited the grave, she had been receiving a dream, or maybe it was a nightmare? It was hard to tell, to be honest. Taking a glance around the room, her teammates still asleep in their beds. Yang, spread out as always, Blake resting comfortably and Weiss....Come to think of it, she doesn't know how Weiss sleeps. It was probably just a simple rest on the side, she was kinda predictable like that.

A bright ray of light shone through the windowsill, catching Ruby in the eye and causing her to flinch. Raising a hand to protect herself. The huntress in training dropped down silently, so silently that Blake wouldn't notice....Alright, she probably would. Ruby swore her hearing was like a cat's sometimes.

Oh right.

Moving to the window, Ruby edged open the curtain, and smiled. Overtaking the night, was a brilliant sunrise that Yang would love. Red and yellow swirling together to make a wonderful tapestry of colors. It was something to die more. Or rather, something to live for.

Idly wondering what she would do today, Ruby Rose knew one thing for certain: No matter what happened, team RWBY will be okay.

It's what her mother would want, after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Canon Auditions   Canon Auditions Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 7:53 am

(Audition for Glynda Goodwitch)

Brown heels moved almost soundlessly across the grass in the Forest of Forever Fall. Glynda Goodwitch walked silently, her posture poised and straight, as she looked at footage on her Scroll. She had brought a number of students to the forest for Professor Peach who had asked the pupils to collect the red sap from the trees, making sure no one got hurt...or caused mischief.

Glancing at several windows on her scroll at once, she nodded her head approvingly as teams began to fill up their jars in west area they had covered. "It looks like everything's moving along accordingly," she said to herself in a calm tone. It was only then that she noticed one of the smaller clips on her video. Four boys had had cornered another student, a male bear faunus, against a tree and seemed to be shouting vulgarities at him. "Then again, perhaps not."

Glynda moved swiftly, but calmly towards the area, Scroll still in hand. A few feet away, she could see one boy throwing a full jar up sap into the air and catching it casually while the others watched with grins on their faces.

"You know," the boy with the jar said smugly. "I hear certain animals love sweet things. You know, stuff like"

The bear faunus looked up nervously. "S-so?"

"Maybe an animal like you would like to try some!"

The jar flew into the air, aiming straight at the faunus' head before it glowed and stopped midair inches from the target's face.

The boy who had thrown it looked on in surprise.

"That is enough of that," Glynda's voice said sternly.

When the group would turn to her, she had her staff raised and also glowing. She moved it sideways, the jar moving in synchronicity before it was laid down gently on the floor. The boy who had thrown the jar turned pale as Glynda slowly walked over to them.

"P-Professor Good-"

"It seems to me that you're trying to cause a bit of trouble, young man," Glynda said. Her eyes lowered down on him. "Or am I mistaken?"

"We were doing nothing, ma'am! I swear!" the boy said as his companions eased back.

"From what I witnessed just a moment ago and from my Scroll suggest otherwise," she said firmly, her face void of any expression save for the disapproval in her eyes. "You and your teammates are to stay with me for the rest of the time here in the forest. Later on in the Academy, we'll discuss your behavior as well as the consequences for your actions."

The boy looked like he was about to speak, but as Glynda's eyes glared at him, he lowered his head and nodded.

"Y-yes, ma'am..."

Glynda Goodwitch turned to the male faunus who had been targeted earlier. "As for you," she said firmly. "I expect you to go back to your own group."

With that, she sharply turned into the opposite direction. "Come along."


Dorrance "Doris" Thistle- "Sleep and dreams may provide consolation, but awakening is true solace."

Glynda Goodwitch- "As students of Beacon, I expect you to act as such."
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PostSubject: Re: Canon Auditions   Canon Auditions Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 4:26 am

(Presenting Cinder Fall) Cinder Henchmen

"You people can never get anything done", a voice shot out of the darkness, the words licking the ears of those present like flames to skin. The building grew still for just a moment before the clicking of glass against concrete echoed throughout. Out of the shadows emerged Cinder, her eyes, sharper than knives, locked onto the nearest member of the group who had just recently failed a dust heist.

"You had one job, you know." Her voice, though calm, carried a fair amount of malice. The clicking of her steps continued.

"But m'lady, we had no idea there would a hunter hanging around the place!" The group of three stood like statues, their eyes glued onto the figure approaching them. They had to override their instincts screaming at them to flee because they knew they still had a chance. Running would be a sign of giving up, and Cinder was not one who took such a thing lightly.

Cinder stopped within arms-length of her target, her eyes locked onto his, her hands clasped to her hips. "A hunter? Surely you would not have made it out alive if that were the case. Am I wrong?" Her voice was filled with suspicion with a hint of intrigue.

His eyes shifted back a forth, though it was hardly noticeable in the poorly-lit building. "Well, he might have just been from the academy, but he was still far above our skill level." As he ended, it was clear that he was uncertain as to what Cinder would do next, fearing she would not tolerate their failure.

"Oh? Just a student? You didn't have to be deceptive the first time, you know." A smirk spread across her face as she lightly pressed her hand under his jaw, her fingers strangely warm to the touch. "Well, no matter, I suppose. You should really inform me of any issues, though. It's not like I am unwilling to help my," Cinder paused for a moment as she searched for an appropriate term, "subjects. And you don't end up failing. Everyone wins in the end, or at least we do which is what matters." She chuckled softly, her words were still ironically cold. She slid her fingers out from under his chin and made her way for the exit. As she neared, she gave a few words of advice to the men who were still frozen in place. "Try to deceive me again and-" Cinder snapped her fingers which released a small flame. She said nothing more and left.

Once outside, the cold air bit at her exposed skin. As annoying as it could be, it was easily manageable through her flames so she didn't worry about it too much. Up in the sky, the moon shined brightly, and there were even a couple of stars dotted around the sky despite being in Vale. And yet, despite the moon's appearance, Cinder's eyes remained dark as she eyed a shadowy figure which stood a little over a dozen meters away. "So you followed them here, hunter? Today isn't you're lucky day, I'm afraid." He said nothing and remained motionless for a second as if pondering about what actions to take. In the next second, Cinder noticed a slight glint in the distance moving up ever so slightly. She responded by raising her one hand to create a glyph in front of her, her other hand forming a glyph beneath the figure. Several shots rang out and collided with her shield, the shots bursting into blue mists. At the same time, a pillar of flame shot out of her other glyph, but it was clear that the hunter had not been caught in it seeing as he was now rushing Cinder.

"You play a dangerous game, boy."

The hunter, having ignored her warning, grew near. Cinder shrugged and took a step back in a spinning motion. Her arms were extended out with both palms open. As she took a step back, her first palm created a wall of fire purposely off-center of the hunter's path of approach with the intent of forcing him to attack from a certain angle. As her first palm began to move away and the second entered the space between herself and the newly created wall of fire, Cinder laid down a second wall for insurance. "You can never be to safe with unknown variables," she muttered beneath her breathe. With the second wall completed, she stop her motion spinning motion. Now facing the area where she believed the hunter would approach, Cinder raised up a hand, her fingers in the shape of a gun, and waited for the inevitable. It was inevitable not because her plan was perfect, but rather because the hunter was clearly narrow-minded having chased the criminals this deep into their territory and he has failed to realize he is in over his head. Cinder's eyes lit up as the hunter finally raced around the corner, his sword prepared to slash. His eyes widening as he realized that he had made the mistake of underestimating her.

As white specks of embers began to jet out of her fingertip Cinder whispered,
"At least those cowards were worth something." May their souls rest silently after I'm through with them.
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Canon Auditions
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