RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Ruby Test Run

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PostSubject: Ruby Test Run   Ruby Test Run Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 12:54 pm

It was 7:45 A.M in the morning and the leader of RWBY, Ruby Rose, was in the cafeteria having her breakfast. She was excited for her fortune of recent luck: her being accepted into Beacon; being with her sister, Yang; and being the leader of the group. She smiled at the memories, knowing that times will come for more exciting stuff.

When the girl with black hair with red tips was done eating, she grab her weapon, Crescent Rose, and got up to throw her trash away, "just going to do some training with some Beowolves before Weiss can say anything." She thought in her head as she was walking down the hall and passed the girl with white hair. If she knew anything about Weiss, it would be that she will complain how Ruby doesn't work hard enough. And where to have some time to herself then the one place Weiss wouldn't think to look. A forest of Beowolves.

The red cloaked girl grinned as she was surrounded by four Beowolves, or rather... Four, soon to be dead, beowolves. With a pull of the trigger, the force of her weapon sent the girl flying towards the one on the far right. With a grip of the scythe and the pivot of the top half of the body, she spinned a bit and sliced the monster in half in the middle of the torso. It took a minute before the said monster had split in half, but that just proves how sharp the blade was on Crescent Rose was.

The other three charged at her, Ruby smirk and stood on the blade and pulled the trigger, sending her high up into the morning air, but almost hitting a bird that was flying by her and landed on a branch, "at least I didn't hit THAT bird," she chuckled before remembering when she was lanches into the Emeral Forest.

With the Beowolves growling, trying to make their way up to her, but failing, she grinned and aimed the built in gun and Scythe at them, the blade under the branch. Pulling the trigger to wound one of the three, the force sent her spinning on the branch before letting her weapon go from it and spinning herself high up into the air before Untwisting her body.

She look down at the Beowolves and aimed the scythe at them and pulled the trigger, shooting one of them between the eyes and killing it. When she landed, she made sure to land next to one for what she had planned.

Landing in front of one, but blinked at what actually happen, she missed the Beowolf with the blade and basically slammed the handle of the weapon on its shoulder. "That... Went better in my head." She chuckled as she swear drop before pulling the trigger, sending her backwards and the blade through the monster.

With her back against a tree, she grip the handle of her weapon and got ready for them as she had an idea to take care of them both. Holding her scythe out in front of her, where the blade was facing towards them, she waited for them to come.

Ruby smiled as the two tried to get up and over her weapon, but with a fick of the finger, the trigger finger to be excat. The force was enough to send her to the left, and so did the last Beowolves heads.

"That was fun," she chimed as she held the weapon over her shoulder and started walking back to the academy.

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Ruby Test Run
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