RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Nagisa Midori

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Character Info

Name: Nagisa Midori (midori being Japanese for Green)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 19

Personality: Nagisa has a very "free flowing" personality, that some might describe as "whispy." He is normally rather calm, but is not without a sort of punkish edge. He often opts to go with the flow, but not without commentary of his own. He has been shown to greatly enjoy battle, his trademark grin (sometimes called a "sh**-eating grin, depending on whether those viewing like him or not) coming out in battle. He will often call out taunts and observations in battle, trying to urge his opponent to give their all. Not surprisingly, Nagisa enjoys challenges, and isn't one to shrink from them. However, he is not without a serious side, usually only showing it when under emotional stress or when those close to him are in danger. His anger rises to the surface, and his tone carries a venomous bite that could make the sternest prison guard shrink back.

Appearance: Nagisa is rather evenly built. His shoulders are neither too broad nor too sloped, chest neither too wide or too thin. He is not the most muscular, however he makes up for it in agility and flexibility. His face is quite young looking, and a bit thin. His eyes are narrow, and a pale mint green color. His skin is pale white, and his hair is a bright white, growing darker grey down closer to his roots. He wears his hair in an undercut, the sides and back being trimmed and faded up towards the top, while the top of his head sports what would be shoulder length air was it not so naturally spiky. He wears it in large spikes pushed towards the left side of his head, most of them jetting off. Nagisa also sports a light tan birthmark on his right arm that many say resembles the shade of a rodent, most commonly a weasel. He also has some evidence of dark circles under his eyes, evidence of some extended periods without sleep. He has a scar on his right eyebrow where hairs will no longer grow, and a tattoo on his left bicep in the likeness of a dove holding a dagger in it's beak.

Representation: Legends of the Kamaitachi:

Color: Mint Green

Semblance: Nagisa's semblance gives him dominion over wind, letting him conduct it in any ways he pleases up to a short distance away from either his own body, or from a physical object without aura, max range being roughly 2m away from himself or said object, and he is able to perform this on objects up to 9m away . This lets him move it at very high speeds and summon up whirl winds at his leisure, carrying objects and even firing them at projectiles. However, his semblance can only be applied to existing wind currents. This has no bearing outside, where air flows always, however, in a closed building, with no open doors or windows, or a breeze of any kind, it takes much more energy to move the subtle movements of the air around him. Energy spent is directly correlated to how much the air is moved from it's original state. For instance, in the midst of a whipping wind storm, it would be very easy for Nagisa to manipulate the wind, but in a small room with no windows or doors, it would take much more effort and energy.

Emblem: A dove with wings spread and a dagger in it's beak

Bio: Nagisa was born in a small mountain village to a family that traditionally trained and turned out warriors. That being said, much of his early childhood was spent in the home with his sisters, learning more "menial" tasks, as he was rather sickly, and easily weakened. He was taught to sew, how to wrap wounds, and to cook and clean, while taking a great interest in academics. He was taught from private tutors in mathematics and literature, learning to write and do advanced mathematics early in life. His sisters often played with him, though treated him delicately.

Around the age of eight, Nagisa had grown out of of his previously sickly nature, and was hurriedly rushed to begin training as a warrior to protect the village from Grimm and those who would invade. He was trained in various styles of hand-to-hand combat and sword combat, as well as principles of battle and honor. He took to this too, and easily caught up to the rest of the village children training alongside him, even overtaking them after a short while. While most children in the village began learning Aural combat and uses at the age of thirteen, Nagisa had been deemed ready at ten, and had his aura unlocked. A month later he was already learning the practical applications of his semblance, wind manipulation. Fortunately for him, while the mountains did block a good deal of wind, the village was positioned in a sort of wind tunnel, and at the very least a small breeze always got through the village.

By age fifteen, Nagisa had been taken on as a student by one of the village's elder warriors, and old man that once was a hunter. He began being taught the lifestyle of a hunter, and his education was expanded upon greatly. By the age of sixteen, he had been in contact with a teacher at Beacon for a good deal of time, and had a recommendation put in for him. When he was called in for an interview, said teacher traveled to pick him up and bring him to Vale, where he was interviewed, and even accepted into Beacon. After a bit of shopping to become better integrated with city lifestyle, he would begin his student Term at Beacon Academy.

His first years at Beacon began very slow. Never having attended formal school, he did average at best in classes, and didn't fit in well with the city society. However, around the midpoint of his second year, he began to fall into the swing of things around him, bringing up his grades, and shining once again with his combat, making a bit of a name for himself within rumors, do to the odd and mysterious ways he fights.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: On normal days, Nagisa wears a pair of black pants with white cuffs around the ankles, along with a chain attaching his wallet in his back pocket to his belt loop that hangs down over his left thigh. On his feet he wears black Tabi boots to allow for easier movement. On his torso he wears a long sleeved pale green shirt with white interior, with wide ended sleeves that grow looser further down the arm. Over this he wears a black leather jacket with dyed green faux fur interior lining, which is oh-so-soft. At the collar of the jacket is a strap that snaps together around the wearers neck. Around his neck he wears a thin chain from which hangs a wooden square with some sort of foreign symbol etched into it and painted black.

Fighting style: Nagisa fights in a variety of style and likes to change based on the tide of battle. Initially, he'll begin very slow, focusing more on footwork and looking for an opening. His jacket at this point will be fastened at the neck, but his arms pulled in, so he would be holding his sword between the two flaps on the jacket. This is usually a very defensive style, but a well placed strike could easily spell end for an opponent, as this is a style he uses the most precision and finesse in.

Should he begin loosing the battle, or his opponent is deemed strong enough in his eyes, he will switch up his style, allowing his arms into his sleeves, and focusing on fast one handed attacks, with stronger two handed swings mixed in. This style uses an elegant blend of offense and defense. It focuses on short combo's, and staying in close, keeping pressure one, blocking when need be, before going offensive once again.

Should the battle really not be going his way, Nagisa will abandoned limiting his movement, in an attempt to win. He discards the heavy leather so he may move at his full speed and agility. With the new flexibility in options, Nagisa shows his control over his sword, melding his semblance and blade into one, giving him deadly singular attacks, and fast, varied combos. He is more acrobatic in this style, and focuses less on blocking and more on dodging, using his semblance to aid him in movements. He wields his blade in his right hand, abandoning all two handed holds on the blade

His final card to play is switching his blade to his dominant left hand. In addition to having some mental advantages, most opponents never having to fight a left handed swordsman before, This gives more power to his swings, and allows some more difficult maneuvers, such as one handed parries, or spinning the blade about to link attacks together.  

The only things that remain constant through his entire repertoire is his ability to flow seamlessly between using his blade and using punches or kicks, flowing through combination attacks simply and easily, and his use of a special powder, Valerian root mixed with a few other herbs and chemicals, that he tosses about in the battle, using his semblance to carry the powder on the wind. The instant a cut is made on himself or his opponent, he consciously conducts the powder into the wound. The herbs stop any pain response from the nerves. Since he is aware of it, and his opponent usually is not, he uses it to allow himself to fight without the worry of pain, and to keep his opponent unaware of the severity of wounds, or of their existence at all. Nagisa has been known to rub this along his weapon blades before battle as well.

The powder also has attractive properties when it comes to feline's, much like catnip.

Weapon Name: Kaze no Kamisori

Weapon Range: Short to mid range

Weapon type: Double Edged Longsword

Weapon Description: Kamisori is a double edged longsword measuring 145 cm long, the blade measuring 125 cm. It is a rather odd-looking blade, with a darkened steel hilt and guard.  The Guard forms a half-basket style on one side, reaching around and to the pommel of the blade, protecting the fingers, before extending out 4 inches on the other side. The blade is stained a pale green color, and has a diamond shaped white jewel imbedded in the blade just above the hilt. It has been balanced in a very special manner to give it the same balancing as a throwing knife, allowing it to spin end over end very easily. It also has a very light weight, coming in at just over a pound, giving it a distinct lack of cutting power on its own. The blade is made from a special mix of metals that is unknown to Nagisa, but give it the same stability as steel, however, as a result, the blade dulls quite easily.
The sheath for the blade is situated on Nagisa's hip, much like for a Katana, and is pitch black color, with a gold colored dragon design on the closed end.

Weapon Abilities: Kamisori has no special abilities on it's own. However, Nagisa's semblance allows for some very intricate tricks and strategies with it. Running Razor fast wind along the blade gives it cutting power similar to a surgical knife, and it's balancing along with light weight can allow it to be carried on whirlwinds in a spinning pattern, much like a boomerang. Nagisa also keeps the point very fine, giving it much use as a stabbing sword.

Misc. Info

Family: Two Sisters, Tsubaki and Kimiko Midori, living mother and father, Tsubasa and Yui Midori, and grandfather Naota Midori

Strengths and Weaknesses: Nagisa has a crippling fear of pain and death, explaining his willingness to use his Anesthetic powder on himself. He also has a great fear of sickness, having been a rather sickly child.  Nagisa is a notoriously fast learner and a very able swordsman despite his younger age.

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I do not see any problems with this character. Everything seems in order and nothing is missing, overpowered or underexplained. Good work Shiro.


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Few slight spelling issues, but I notice nothing wrong beyond that.


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Nagisa Midori
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